What is the best way to ask for money when you want some?

How do you get money when you don't have some

For this period in history, money seems to be the unit of measurement of a lot of affairs and concepts and status, matter, situations, subject, information, substance, name it! Even in some locations, you need to have visible money if you wish to be heard or seen.

But what do you do when you want this money and you don’t have? What do you do when you’re at the brink of starvation and you don’t have the ability, resources, time, patience, or will power, to sort through independently?

#1 Do you just ask for some money from a caregiver?

The caregiver could be anyone from your parents, relative or siblings, to friends, partner, mentor or a familiar stranger. Someone you could push aside a bit of your pride, and bend before in request of a favor.

This person you’re almost certain to get a sympathetic acknowledgment from.

You ask outrightly, as a favor, because you wish the money to be some grant you don’t have to pay back. You don’t see any means of repayment and you’d rather not kid yourself pretending you got it covered.

This method would likely be employed when the situation is dire and at a code-red crisis level, nearing the danger level.

Presumably, other options would have been spent, having this as a final straw, since we know how it’s human nature to clutch onto disappearing pride, of which asking for help is seen as equal to pride being swallowed up completely.

#2 Do you simply DEMAND the money, directly?

Trust me, most often, a state of financial constraint would bring out the confidence in you, whether or not you wish for it. Your anger at the situation will embolden your mental faculties, and you’ll find yourself cognizant of your self-acclaimed rights.

Your rights being that you have been kind, you have cared for, and you have shared with others while in your money surplus state. And so, in your time of financial constraint, you deserve to be shown kindness, to be cared for, and have money shared with you.

At first, you may wish to state calmly your predicament, and not be brash with your perceived rights. The victims of this usually comprising people who have (unluckily?) had to be at the mercies of your generosity at some time in history.

This method of seizing money may be gutsy and, perhaps, audacious. But your fearlessness, drenched in trust and expectation, could put the other party in a guilty state, equally drenched in a forced feeling of commitment.

Demanding money is not in itself terrible, it’s a sign of credibility for either party. But when it’s carried out with an air of entitlement, like a surefire assurance of compliance, it could create an unsteady, sometimes, feeling of resistance, for the other party.

Unlike the episode in season 2 of Big Bang Theory where Sheldon struggled to find the exact gift that would match the gift given to him by Penny, not everyone feels bound by the power of reciprocation.

And for those that do, they may prefer to square up past generous gestures received, in different ways, and cash not being one.

#3 Do you begin to exploit other people (for money) indirectly?

This is all so you can afford to have bread in a day, at the least. Exploiting others can be in the way of requesting for some money manipulatively, or through a decoy of some sort.

Say, requesting for the money indirectly by making a person pay your bills through deceptively leading them up to it. All you do is subtly throw hints and hope the other party catches the subliminal messages.

This would have been the most dishonest and devious method of money snagging, but in about 65% of most cases where this method is employed, due to genuine emotions associated with having to ask for help, it will settle for just being a tactful conspiracy agenda, bred out of insecurity.

The emotions tied to asking for help or demanding to be assisted could bound one into manipulating others. There’s enforced helplessness, there’s shame, there’s the feeling you’re not worth it, fear of being disappointed, anxiety, etc.

To skip through these feelings completely, yet hoping to get some money still, this method is initiated.

#4 Do you just find ways to borrow money?

You feel better applying for loans with your bank, or liquidating one of your investments since you’re into quite a few investment programs for times of money constraints like this.

You may have a lot of pride asking for help, and you may feel it’s rude demanding others to match equally a previously good deed rendered. Trickery that would lead to you obtaining money is also not something you would support.

You wouldn’t mind borrowing from a caretaker or friend, with promises of paying back in the nearest future.

This method is reserved for those whether capable or incapable of returning the loan, but choose to emphasize urgency or legitimacy of the financial situation and gratitude of favor.

The assurance of payback guarantees higher chances of compliance faster than other methods.

#5 Do you simply get money by faith?

Like you sit back, fingers crossed, and expect a miracle. You know your Heavenly Father will supply all your needs according to His riches, and by faith you already receive.

This method is reserved for audacious believers who have resigned to fate and refused to put a plan B.

Maybe from past exchanges, you have found the other methods failing. You don’t have the patience or energy to go through that boat again.

So you test your faith. You sit back and await your miracle.

How do you ask for money when you don’t have some?

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